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I help companies define and then share their brand via earned, owned, and paid media channels. I’ve worked with every kind of company, from scrappy startups with minimal resources to large corporations with multi-million dollar budgets. I excel at directing strategy and creative as well as creating new target audiences and managing budgets, but I also enjoy rolling up my sleeves and writing copy. I started my career in Public Relations and then fell in love the emerging field of Social Media Marketing. From there I discovered a passion for story telling and branding that has allowed me to work with many innovative brands and personalities.



All The Greats

2.0 LAUNCH | 2018


2.0 Relaunch Campaign:


FilmStruck was a streaming service that featured Hollywood classics, arthouse, and indie films, and was the exclusive streaming partner of the Criterion Collection. Unfortunately it was shuttered in 2018, but before that happened I was brought on to assist in launching a new series of classic Hollywood films that was meant to broaden the streaming service’s appeal. My team and I spearheaded the launch with updating messaging on the website, creative content, copy, and digital ads. I was responsible for on boarding the new media buying agency (Fetch) and collaborating with them to create a new marketing and targeting strategy, as well as integrating them with FilmStruck’s new attribution and tracking system. Key shifts in our strategy included moving away from demographic based targeting and shifting to behavior based targeting.

Doubled the subscriber base in only 10 months.

Post-launch my team and I began to tackle the challenge of creating a marketing calendar and marketing campaigns that highlighted the new tagline "All The Greats". Below you can see some of the creative I was instrumental in creating and seeding across a variety of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Display, Pandora, Roku, Amazon, and more. 


SEO and Customization


In an effort to capture more traffic beyond paid advertising I partnered with the Dir. of SEO and the Sr. Dir. of Digital to create an SEO strategy for driving and converting more traffic. We designed and optimized custom landing pages that served two purposes. The first was to increase traffic with SEO friendly pages and the other was to create unique landing pages that aligned with campaigns for paid advertising. See below for examples:



Good to Be Bad

Super Bowl

Villains Campaign | 2014


Villains Campaign:


Over a six month period we executed on a strategy to transition the voice of the brand to a more villainous, snarky, and devious tone that was in alignment with the campaign, while still appealing to loyal followers. The transition was done over four months with content and tone becoming darker. On game day I led the team that was responsible for real-time responses. As a team we sent over 250 tweets, the majority of which were written in advance of the game. Tweets were also written on the fly for topics like the halftime show and then received paid support from an additional media buying team.






Jaguar’s #GoodToBeBad ad was the most talked about automotive commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.

It gained more than 40,000 mentions across blogs, forums, and Twitter, winning the latter’s #AdScrimmage ranking of top Super Bowl commercial. The advert’s success was driven by large numbers of people reacting to Tom Hiddleston’s appearance (20% of all conversations mentioned the actor), as well as to the popular trope of British villains. It achieved 3rd place against competitors by YouTube views. 



Beyond GTBB


In addition to the Super Bowl campaign, I managed the day-to-day operations of the social media presence of Jaguar USA. My responsibilities included attending and covering key events such as Concours d'Elegance, BAFTA Awards, Art Basel, and more. I also worked with partners and sponsors such as Kelly Rowland, Playboy, and WallPaper Magazine. In addition, I assisted in launching the new FType Coupe, Project 7, and Jaguar XE. I assisted with original campaigns such as The Villain Academy, #MyTurnToJag, and created original content with celebrities such as Gal Gadot and Colin Kaepernick. 

I also worked closely with the media buying agency by selecting imagery and writing copy for all digital ads within the United States. I was instrumental in testing creative and copy to determine what content was the most appealing to select audiences.



Smile... Pass it on

2010 | 2013

Sanuk Native Ad 2.png

They’re Not Shoes, They’re Sandals


In 2010 Sanuk was just establishing its social media presence. The brand was a rising star in the surfing and action sports industry and was known for being irreverent and managed to strike a balance between cool and approachable. During my time at Sanuk I launched the Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr accounts and managed the Facebook and Twitter accounts. My team and I created online campaigns, giveaways, and curated and created content for our social media platforms. We also launched Sanuk's email campaigns, our most popular one being National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Finally, I managed our PR agency, BWR, to manage the majority of the celebrity and professional athlete content and placed it on the appropriate platforms. 


Sh*t Surfers Say


At the height of the popular Sh*t People Say meme, we created a viral success with the video Sh*t Surfers Say. The video received over 100K views in one week and was featured on Mashable and the top Surfing Magazines at the time.


Sage Goddess

Metaphysical Boutique

2015 | 2016


A World of Magic


Sage Goddess is the largest online retailer for magical tools and gems. The company is dedicated to creating new content every day that increases the knowledge of its customers around moon magic, gems, sacred rituals, astrology, spirit animals, and more. In addition to creating new content daily, my team and I were responsible for listing five new products each day, which included creating the online listings, photography, copy, ecommerce, and online promotion. I was responsible for creating the daily and long-term marketing calendar to incorporate traditional holidays, moon cycles, astrological events, ancient rituals, and more.

I was responsible for daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly sales revenue.

More than doubled the revenue of the company in 18 months.

Below are a few examples of the content we created: