Rae Gross

Story Teller


Brand Purveyor


Solution Strategist


About Me


I'm a free spirit with a taste for adventure. I can be a workaholic when I become consumed by a project and I know when to be a perfectionist, and when to know that perfection is the enemy of progress. I'm equally right- and left-brained which means I love directing creative, but I also love digging through the numbers.

There are only two things in this life that I want to accomplish: visit all seven continents, and touch everything in between. 


"She's extremely passionate, energetic, innovative and quick to adapt to new trends and ideas."

Dann Allen | Customer Experience Exec at Union Bank 


My Professional Bio


Prior to starting my marketing consulting practice, I was the Director of Marketing for Sage Goddess, the largest online retailer of metaphysical tools. In 18 months we grew the company revenue over 100% and my team and I launched successful digital marketing campaigns, a new website and e-commerce platform, and reimagined the marketing and customer service teams. Before that, I was part of the social media team that led Jaguar’s Super Bowl 2014 social media campaign. My experience spans many industries including Footwear, Action Sports, Telecommunications, OTT Streaming Services, and Enterprise Software. 

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, coaxing my garden to bloom, and creating play with my Burning Man community.


"She is a very intelligent, creative, and tireless worker."

Billy bosworth  |  CEO at DataStax


How I work


Success only comes when a project is properly managed end-to-end, from concept to execution to analysis. I believe in utilizing every asset, including people and content to achieve the goals of my clients. There isn't a project that is too small or too large because everything is merely a puzzle to be solved. I embrace successes and learning opportunities and encourage experimentation to discover not only what works, but also what doesn't. My famous last words tend to be "How hard can it be?" I know that I'm about to embark on something exciting and challenging when those words are spoken, and I relish that opportunity to push the envelope. 


" Rae's ability to apply her knowledge in a manner that drives business results is most valuable."

Andy Colley  |  Director of Sustainability at AT&T